Kids Prosthetics

At Prosthetic Solutions Qld, we offer a child friendly environment which will ensure your child’s experience is fun and enjoyable.
We see kids of all ages on a daily basis and realise they aren’t just little adults.
From the home to the school environment we understand the importance of keeping up with peers and being an active participant in all activities.
Please feel free to call; our friendly staff are more than happy to take the time to answer your questions and to discuss the prosthetic needs of your child.


Kids’ Technologies:

We are a family run business with no allegiance to particular companies or products enabling us access to the best products suited to your needs.

What’s New

Microprocessor Knees

The Otto Bock X3 is the first waterproof computer knee. The result of a collaboration between the US military and Ottobock, the X3 is quite simply the world’s most technologically advanced microprocessor prosthetic leg.